Oh my gosh Tanaka! I must admit I have never seen such a thing. I've seen the feather dusters but...feather growth like Popo Chan is displaying out of the blue? Oh my!
So sooo good to hear her little eye has gotten better and she's back to her spunky self at least..and also that the ordeal has brought the 2 of you closer. awwwww

I've done a lot of research on vitamins myself, and have to say the Nekton products are highly rated. Also just to let you know, illusive has years of experience in the avian field and she is usually spot on with her advice. She may not be a certified avian vet but she knows her stuff.

Shaddup illusive..I can toot if I want to! I call it as I see it and you have worked wonders here for MANY.
Maybe cause you're part owl yourself?? LOL
Geez another late night...errr early mornin?? tsk tsk

Very very best to you and Popo Chan Tanaka. It's great to hear from you...just wishes it were under better circumstances. frown
Pleeease keep us updated???

Get well soooon Popo Chan. You are just as beautiful as ever..hairy or not. wink