:( [size:14pt][b]Popo Chan’s Double Whammy & Trip to the Vet:[/b][/size] :( [color:#990000][size:8pt][b]Disclaimer: This is going to be a bit long, so you might want to grab a drink or make a run to the bathroom before you start reading![/b][/size][/color] ;) [size:11pt][b]Right now, Popo Chan is OK & in high energy mode (30 minutes ago, I placed a large cuttlebone in her cage & it has been decimated and lies shredded & crumbled on the bottom of her majesty’s cage. :grin: Toys are flung about with vigor, constant happy whistling and fweeping to my music & her friend Dango Chan. HOWEVER, she has been through a bit of a health ordeal & I fear still has a ways to go for a full recovery.[/b][/size] :o [size:11pt][b]Problem One:This is a continuing problem which hasn’t been resolved as of yet. :( Little by little, she has become a ‘hairy’ little creature. When I say “hairy,” I mean that many of her downy feathers have become overgrown (2 to 3 cm long – nearly an inch or so!). Included here are pictures of her fluffy butt :blush: (where the condition was first noticeable). But now, the condition has spread all over her body.[/b][/size] [img:left]http://i336.photobucket.com/albums/n337/Guregoreo/PC150136.jpg[/img] [img:center]http://i336.photobucket.com/albums/n337/Guregoreo/PC020122.jpg[/img] [img:right]http://i336.photobucket.com/albums/n337/Guregoreo/PB100011.jpg[/img] [size:11pt][b]Problem Two: Her left eyelid (actually “eyelid” is an understatement, it was really the whole upper left side of her head) became massively swollen, red & featherless. :sick: (SORRY, NO PHOTO OF THIS.)She would sadly sit on her perch & it was clear to see she needed help. This was very frightening & I honestly thought I might lose her. :eek: Help: Darn straight! ;) She was packed up & off we went to the vet. She was SO adorable as she weakly let me scoop her up & place her in her carrying case! Anyhow, as you may have noticed, I said “vet” not “avian-vet.” There are no avian vets at all in the part of Japan I live in. None. :( But I went to the vet recommended to me by the pet store where I met my two feathered friends. The vet was actually quite knowledgeable about birds. I was expecting to have to scoop up my girl and make a run for it as some incompetent “cat & dog” vet wanted to do some unthinkable Frankenstein test on my girl. But the vet was very gentle and caring. :) She was aware of many bird illnesses (many that I had read up on in regards to Popo Chan’s feathers) & treatments. Solution to Problem One: Currently unknown. :confused: The vet recommended using “Nekton-S” bird vitamins to see if her feather condition is due to a deficiency of some sort. What do you think of these vitamins? I have not yet started this treatment. The taxi driver who took me & Popo Chan to the vet keeps finches & he recommended another vet which treats his birds. I’m going to take Popo to this vet to see if they agree with Popo’s first vet’s diagnosis or not. We are not vets, I know, but what are your thoughts on Popo’s condition? IDEAS PLEASE!!!! :crazy: Solution to Problem Two: Eye drops. Twice daily for almost two weeks. Popo’s eye is now 100% healed. Yea! :D That the vet was able to get Popo medicine that helped has given me more confidence in this first vet. She also took the time to show me how to correctly hold Popo Chan, administer the drops & wipe away excess medicine. Popo & I have become VERY familiar with each other now! Every morning & night, I put Popo Chan in her carrying case, took her into another room and gave her the drops. Surprisingly, she didn’t bite or snap at me once. :whistle: In some way, I think she knew I was helping her. And even more surprising, is that she has not become fearful of me or my hands but in fact quite the opposite. My shy girl has become more comfortable with me. It was priceless a few days ago when Popo Chan's eye was totally recovered – She seemed to realize all of a sudden that she was better and manically began running all over her cage flinging toys here & there, chirping ecstatically and waddling all over the bottom of her cage. It was just so fun to see the sullen, fluffed up girl of the past few weeks blossom into a bird expressing sheer joy. :) She was definitely announcing, “The queen is back! Servant, fetch me a cuttlebone & keep those darn eye drops the hell away from me!” Aside from her royal hairiness, things are back to normal in our abode[/b][/size] :)

Peace & Happiness