Yay! Really good to hear Storm is making progress already.I bet you're relieved. Don'tcha just love the little head tilt? awwww

Squeak? Welll I guess it just means he's making a little squeak! LOL He is still just a baby and they do make lil squeaks sometimes.
All is well.

He's not like...squeaking as he breathes or anything like that right?
He's just letting out a little peep squeak now and then?

One of Levi's first things he imitated was a dog squeaky toy. LOL I'd swear I heard the toy in the living room, but our dog wasn't even inside. Then I realized it was Levi sounding like the squeaky toys!
Yes, we played with Abbey with her squeakers allll the time in the livingroom in front of Levi. If I remember right he did that even before he started talking..which was about 1mo after I got him.