Hi Bambi, Just had to say how CUTE your little Storm is. All those stripes on his lil head..he must be quite young..still a baby smile
Do you know how old he is? They usually don't go thru a major molt til at least 4mos.
Then you will start to see bigger feathers being shed-like tail or wing feathers. You will probably even find some of those clipped flight feathers you are so anxiously awaiting to be replaced! lol
Most lose the little floofie feathers here and there at any time..it's not a major molt with just the floofies.

I see you were wondering about traveling and being able to use his cage for transportation? To the vet and whatnot? Didn't you say you used to have a smaller cage for Storm, and then you got a bigger one?
If so hang on the the smaller one for a travel/sick cage. How big was it?

I'd love to see a close up of that cute lil face of his. From your avi pic it looks like he has a pretty purplish cere..reminds me of my Levi's when he was a baby. If it is...I would guess that he's a boy smile Too early to tell of course..but that's what I get from ur avi pic.
He's gorgeous! And I think he will be ok, and back to trusting you in no time.
Darn sisters n husbands anyway huh? grrr!