Okay, My name is Bambi, and this is my first time owning a bird. I have a blue budgie named Storm, and he was hand trained as a baby, so he learned the perch training very easily. He will sit with me on my finger, or near me on his toy. I play bird sounds for him and he chirps back smile its adorable because he's just a baby. Anyway, lately when he sits with me, even for just a minute, he tries to fly away.. the petstore clipped his wings, so he really cant fly, he just ends up falling, and then chirping loudly and angrily. I just put him back in his cage till he calms down hoping he will realize that if he continues to try to fly, he will hurt himself. But as soon as I put him back in his cage, he starts chirping and sort of what sounds like a little squeek,like he wants to come back out. frown I don't know what to do! I don't want him to be hurt! How can i get him to just stay with me and not try to fly into things? I'm honestly concerned for his well-being. I take him out at LEAST 8 times a day, and I feed him, he has his millet spray. He loves music and other bird sounds, but nothing seems to be working, can anyone help me? Thank you!