Just wanted to give ya'll an update on Cheeko!
I've been doing the "finger as a perch" training (15 minutes each session, usually only 1 a day because lack of time) Sometimes without me pressing on his belly and only saying "Come on", but most of the time I have to gently press my finger to his belly and say "Come on". I noticed he doesn't run from it at all. Sometimes he exhibits behavior like he wants to get off but most of the time he doesn't. He sometimes jumps (he's not flying) to the side of the cage and hangs on until I put my finger up there and he gets right on. Oh and I was wondering if this was normal (I'm almost sure it is) He will fly from one side to the other side of the cage and repeats this several times. This happens when I'm nowhere near him. I'm assuming he's exercising. He loves his new swing too. I also can put both hands in the cage and he doesn't seem frightened at all. He will get on my whole hand also not just my finger. He will go from hand to hand. Also, yesterday he was on my finger, he started "preening" himself like he didn't care that I was holding him. He was standing on my finger with one leg while he was messing with the other too.(not his nails but his actual foot). I'm not sure what he was doing there but he seems to progressing. Just when I had lost all hope. laugh

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