Your too good! Then again did he hesitate or come on right away? Was he quiet or was he moving? I mean what if you didnt realize it, but you wer forcing her to come on?

If she came on right away and was atleast nibbling your finger a little then that means your good. If shes not nibbling then something weird is happening. Lol maybe i'm just jealous. I've had my birds for 6 months now, they come on my hand, head, arm but not my finger! If i touch them they wont run or fly, they would BITE!!!! I have a feeling my birds dont like me at all theyre just USING ME! Evil Birds! They'd only come on my arm if they wanted me to bring them somewhere or if they wanted a treat. They never rely on me for comfort they use me to hold the paper steady so that they can bite it without it moving so much, they want me to hold the millet so that it doent move alot, they are using me!!!

I'll miss you guys