I too just bought a new budgie. And have made great progress getting it hand trained using millet. I put some in the cage the very fist day, but I haven't put any in since then. When we practice our hand training I have a small piece of millet as a treat. When things are going well, I give him the millet, but if Sora is being stubborn no millet for him. One thing you might want to consider is putting a towel or something down first. Sora is EXTREMELY messy with the millet it goes everywhere. And the towel just helps with the clean up afterwards.

And just keep in mind, everyone has already said it, this right now is about building trust. How hard is it for you to trust someone new at work? For me I have a really hard time truly trusting someone, others don't. Any pet is the same way, go slowly don't force her and she will come around.

Keep us posted and please, please post a picture. we wanna see

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