Trogdor, something you will want to do. Put some millet (1/2 of one of the long stems) in the cage attached to the side bars. You can attach it with a clothes pin, with a twist tie, but dont leave the twist tie in the cage after the millet is eaten because the keet will start chewing on it.

This will let them try (at their own pace) the millet and find out that they like it (which they will). Then when you put some more in the cage they will recgonize it as a treat. After a few times of this (this will take several days) then you can hold the millet with you hand and see if they will come to your hand to eat it. It may work, it may not. It is just another way to gain their trust.

Six days is not a long time. She is still adjusting to her new environment. Take it slow, easy and at the keets pace.

Good luck, it does take patience.