Trogdor, try not to do everything for the sake of the bird being healthy, but the bird being happy.If your bird is that good with your hand near the food bowl, keep your hand their often. Let your bird get to know that the grabbing you did before wont happen often. Read to her, Sing to her, approach slowly.try holding a millet and poking it through the barss. If she eats some of it, good for you. Keep us updated and remember, do what you think makes YOU happy and healthy and your birdhappy and healthy. The internet is something you go to for help, assistance, and entertainment. The internet should not be making personal decisions for you.You think what you think is right, if your not sure come to people like JeanneM, kksuns, or Illusive Fantasy. They are poeple to go to in times of need and you shouldn't put them through stress of making personal decisions for you. Dont take me wrong, I'm not saying what your doing with your bird is wrong OR that i think your asking too much questions, its just a little suggestion/reminder. smile smile smile smile

I'll miss you guys