omg trogdor that link to that cage is dont need one that big trust me...something in the 24x14x23 range is good then you have room for toys too and the bird wont feel like its cramped and will have fun jumping around

now for posed a very good question there now...ok was mentioned above try dimming the lights...have a light dishtowel or facecloth to hold her with FOR YOUR PROTECTION more than hers lol...should she try to latch on and startle you...but dont squeeze to tightly just enough to keep her from squirting out of your hand till you can get her out then also use your free hand to just cover her face a bit by cupping the free hand over her so she stops trying to move forward...dont dilly about it ...get her out and into the other one...then just talk soft as she may be a tadddddd upset can do it...just dont do it often ...have a little faith...i will be fine

Quarantine is for min of six weeks...but you can begin to train her about ten days after you put her into the quarantine cage just remember disenfect your hands after that when going to your other bird

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