see the ferris wheel in your picture start by placing a pinch of different seeds in just a few cups so he sees it and tries to spin it to get the seeds...where they use ladders in cages...attach a ladder to something different like a sturdy piece of string like a tight rope so he walks it to get a treat...things must be consistent in time and the times you do it and very repetative..with you interacting and NO DISTRACTIONS...i use to take my budgie even to a smaller room where its total attention would be dedicated to me an trying to show and teach him...he learned quite a few just takes a little imagination...the tightrope then can be made as a clothes line with small strips of cloth for him to pull off with a tiny bowel as a clothes basket with extra strips in it so he can pull some out and figure out he needs to put some in also.

does the bird come when you call him to come to you...thats one that should be taught right each time it comes when you call you already have its attention...treats are just even a small tone change in your voice showing excitement...doesnt have to be food allll the time. If you use food all the time then you will find they DONT perform as a lot of times they are not use a bit of logic as isnt always the best training treat for ANYTHING...EVEN THO A LOT OF BOOKS TELL YA THIS...

in order for food to work they have to be HUNGRY..and i dont advocate a hungry bird just to make it perform..thats not achieving much of anything...making something fun...where they WANT to soooo much better...ALWAYS USE THE SAME EXACT commands the bird associates what your trying to say with what its suppose to do.

and last that i can think of at this always provide a secure safe feeling to its surroundings...otherwise you will get NO WHERE.

P.S. came back to add this...a FLIGHTED bird will always feel more secure. And if you noticed in that video ALL the birds were FLIGHTED

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