My only parakeet Noel passed away this weekend. Saturday afternoon I found her on the bottom of the cage, obviously sick. That morning she was perfectly fine. She quickly got worse despite the effort of me and Elliots breeder trying to handfeed her and give her the medicine she needed. She passed away early Sunday morning with only 12 hours of showing signs of sickness.

Sydney(cockatiel) was Noels cage buddy. He is devastated. Non stop calling for Noel, but there will never be answer no matter how loud he screams. Breaks me heart seeing and hearing this.

Noel- 12/26/06-7/18/10

You will always be my first bird Noel.

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Noel(Parakeet)- 12/26/06-7/18/10
Sydney(Cockatiel)- 5/12/07
Elliot(TAG)- 6-11-08