Keets are flock creatures. For obvious reasons they will not be able to commune with your other critters, therefore you are the flock. While I know you can successfully have an only keet, I can tell you from experience it requires LOTS of time to commit to that bird to make it happy.

Your bird would require out of cage time when your other animals couldn't be present. The saliva from dogs is toxic to birds. Will you be able to keep the cage away from the cats? And secure from all. Training is another issue and takes considerable time and patience.

There is another thread on this forum right now about a keet that chirps and screams all night long.

Obviously this is your decision but do think long and hard about what is best for a potential feathered pet and what kind of home you can provide for it now.

Kudos to you for asking before you buy. We are happy to answer any and all questions here but a good bit of thought is needed here.

All the best,



"Many have forgotten this truth...You remain responsible, forever, for what you have tamed."