I came back into town after a loing road trip yesterday and I get a call from my father saying: Chi-Chi was going nuts! She's flying around everywhere and she won't stay in her cage.
So I told him that it was because she was hungry and I told him I was going to be picking up food for her that night. My dad told me that the food already got there and he fed her. When I got home she was all fluffed up and content and ready for bed. I fed her a little bit more and put her to sleep at 11. It was a late night for her.

She is now happily flying around the computer room and giving me a slight breeze. She's content and I believe the molt has ended for her.

She is still coming out to my finger when I open her cage which I am very happy about. My Chi-Chi is in good condition laugh

Thanks for the concern you guys! I actually had to put all of the seed that came in the 4 pound bag into mini ziplock baggies because my dad ripped the bag of seed so I had to keep it fresh. I think glass jars look prettier with bird seed in them anyways. I'll try to convert the food into one of those ASAP. lol

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