personally i dont think a bird would fit your present menagerie.

I would think being in vet school is a fulltime job and the animals you now have unless you have delegated the job or raising and caring to someone else is enough of a handful. The expense and time needed of still yet another is to me unfair because something will lack.

Also, if you have indeed delegated the care of these other animals to someone else then you really dont need another animal nor should you want to burden someone with still another.

Sounds like to me your bored with the animals you now have and are looking for a little something extra to spice your life up with...

We are suppose to be responsible "Caretakers" and should be mature enough to know when we have enough on our plates before something really begins to suffer which the animals wouldnt understand nor would it be fair to them...

Im being very practical here and using some good logic and common sense and hope you dont take offense

To say nothing to the fact that dogs ...cats...rats and birds simply are not condusive to each other and IMO would end in disaster.

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