My bird has started his molting a few days ago. Just begining.
If I had not been waiting for it I may have not noticed right away.
I've only seen a few whole feathers in the bottom of the cage.
And now a small little rash of stubbly little 'aglets' look like
little plastic tips ( dark) will soon be showing on my bird's head.

And so my bird will probably be more irritable in the next few weeks.
I would like to say to the folks who keep their bird's wings clipped
to Clip the wings ONLY after the new feathers have reached their full
growth. During the molting process, the new feathers contain
so many tiny blood vessels which bleed if cut 'into' and cause
pain. So clip way after the feathers have reached full growth and the
blood supply is no longer present. I stopped the wing-clipping
a few months ago and gaurd extra against tragic escape (keeping a eye)

I just want my bird's molting process to go well. and though
molting is normal process? I try to be extra careful and think
how my bird must feel? Like if we had all the itchy and irritating
and maybe painful ( coming in all of a sudden) It is a time
I am particularly ALERT of my bird and I let him rest and I
do not handle him alot unless he comes to me for 'love'

I/m saying I just let him do his 'thing in peace' The diet
is so important!!! Interesting RE: depletion of protein at this time.
Thank you Illusive F and folks need to know that wink I remember
when I had my first bird? I did NOT know a thing about MOLTING!
AND I was so alarmed OMG. We MUST NOT run out of supplies
for future either. ( always) And I say we must take Good Care
of ourselves too wink So to give our birds OUR BEST to CARE for them!

Also Interesting how to keep the seeds fresh? and I like using
GLASS JARS TOO. OK I tell my bird. Big Days ahead! Another Molting
Journey wink Happy Summer to all the birdies & yours.