Thanks Belesaria! I'm going to get them a nightlight today. She was fine once I only partially covered the cage and left the kitchen light on. I wasn't sure how far back the stripes needed to go to show they were older. I'm going to learn so much from you all!

Ok, I got more pictures. I don't think they will ever be parakeet models. No pictures please. They turn their heads no matter what angle I am taking the picture from. So, these are kind of blurry, I had to snap fast when they'd turn towards me as I talked.

Lemon and Angel - Lemon's a female isn't she? Will I need to add another male if she is so they don't fight? They are ok right now. No fights breaking out, they all sit on perches in the cage next to each other. If one moves, the other 2 follow.

Lemon and Angel again

Blueberry - He seems the most interested in me right now. When I talk to him he looks at me and cocks his head and just seems to pay attention more than the other 2.

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