I have always struggled with eating meat. When I was a very young child I always disliked the smell, look, thought, taste (of most). I have always loved animals and could never understand why we ate them - just struck me as truly disgusting. I remember my mother cooking chicken and seeing the blood, fat, muscles, skin - yuck!
As I got older and lived on my own I stopped buying & cooking meat, only ate it out once in awhile at restaurants, mostly chicken or hamburgers. After more time & thought I stopped eating it altogether. There really is no need to eat it. There are other sources of food & protein available. Every food contains some amount of protein, except a few fruits & alcohol.
Now I struggle with going completely Vegan. grin
Just my opinion, but I don't believe there is a truly humane meat option. You still have to raise the animal for food, take it from it's family, then kill it to consume it.
If you are on the fence, I highly recommend watching Meet Your Meat.