My new guy is fine now but Paris recently has been looking very sick, last night I went to change her food and when I came back she started to go to it as I was putting it in the cage (she usually waits till I leave), then as she was eating I took her out of the cage and she was still eating there not flying away, and I put some food on my bed and she hopped to it (she never sat on the floor/bed before)

She would even get on my finger but kept going for the food, and lately she's been looking really fat, and she doesn't move now or chirp to music or other birds even

I want to take her to a vet but my parents don't want to spend the money and they think she'll just get better, when she was on my finger last night, she also had this rotten smell

My past bird who died also was bloated looking had the same smell the day before he died, and he sat on the bottom of his cage. Paris is sitting on her perches still but she did go on my bed/carpet so I'm really worried right now

Is there something we can buy to put in her food/water that could make her better?

Also, her poop lately has been really hard to clean off, it hardens and sticks to the cage, and leaves stains on the perches now

Edit: Today she's sitting in her cage, not responding to food and she won't even move when I get my finger close to her

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