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peepers he hasnt been listening to ANYTHING anyone says...

My mind was already set to get her a friend, I just needed advice so I can make him feel more comfortable

I separated them and he's really been trying to adjust to the cage and try to get his food, but I think he's having trouble since the cage is so small.

His poop is still wet, I got him from a big cage that over 10 parakeets shared, the only food they had was the normal bird seeds

Is he sick?

Edit: I left my bird in my room, and brought the new one in mine to listen to music like I do with Paris everyday. About 20 minutes later Paris starts screaming, and so I bring her here and she's happy and chirping now. How can I separate them better during the day? I want to play music for the new bird since he still looks scared, and Paris is just used to it now. I put them in different rooms when they sleep, what can I do for the day?

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