Eventually, one day when i can get my self a great nursing job i am looking forward to owning a small flock of keets. Now i have a question that would make a sailor blush. I am trying to be mature, so here it goes.

I would like a flock BUT NO BABIES. The only way i can see to that is to buy all one gender, but i also love the thought of seeing the gender differences. And i am no expert at sexing parakeets as babieslol! So i was thinking of buying a clutch. All from the same parents and the same laying. Here is the "keep it mature" question.....Would they ever try to mate? I WANT to say "no of course they know better" ....but there are some that mate with toys (randy devils!!) Would the male/female put them in breeding mode and have the female lay eggs( I know all females do not lay eggs, some never... just a general question)

I honestly have no idea, and i would like to know. Anyone have anykind of experance or info on this?

New pics soon smile