She looks bored everyday now, I want to get another parakeet for her. All she does is sit on the top perch looking bored and not chirping, and she still hasn't used her cuttlebone. She hasn't even touched her toys and it's been over two weeks now.

Is it okay if I put the new one in her old cage? And what should I do when I get it? Should I keep them both in the same room, or will the new one feel bad since Paris has this huge cage, or will she feel bad because the new one's in her old cage?

Should I let them out to fly to meet each other, and when will I be able to move them both to the big cage? (I know when I do I'll have to rearrange the things in the big cage)

Please reply, thanks smile

P.S She's not hand trained, and I doubt the new one will be, but I can't watch her being depressed everyday, and I want to let her out to fly around, she knows how to get back into the cage herself.

Also should I not let them fly out for a week or so after I shift them both to the big cage, just so the new one can adjust to the new cage and hopefully learn that's his home now?

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