[repeating myself] SO, it's been forever since I've posted any new pics of the animals. I went home for Thanksgiving and, for once, remembered to bring my camera, so here are the cats:

The Players:

Zulu (the not-so-kitteny kitten, male)

Lotus (the not-so-kitteny kitten, female)

and Comet (our oldest cat, AKA the boss)

Ok, let's start with Lotus, our ninja kitty. She's cute asa button, but will cut you, and you won't even know it until you start bleeding. Here she is looking innocent on my parents' bed (don't fall for it!)

Did you fall for it? Well, here she is being vicious with one of her toy mice. Soon after this photo was taken, she beheaded said mouse. Beheaded it.

Here she is in her favorite spot in one of the dining room chairs. She looks startled because I almost caught her having a conversation with Satan.

Here, she has decided that she is entitled to my father's lap (she has all of a sudden become a lap kitty...alarming...)

And here she is in my mother's lap. Cute, right? Note how she is digging her claws into my mother's leg.

Now, here is Zulu. We're not sure that he is all cat. He is HUGE, and it's all muscle. He has the body of a jaguar, but the disposition of a beaver.

Shortly after this picture was taken, Comet decided that Zulu had no right to be laying in that chair. This is what ensued:

Then they learned to live together in peace.

Zulu's deadly claws/look how big he is! (excuse my scruffiness)

...and yet, this is how he chooses to lay on my lap:

Zulu's memory renews itself every 5 minutes or so, so he occasionally decides that he's terrified of me. In the first picture he has gone off to hide, in the second, I find him, and in the third, he decides he remembers me.

...and he's terrified again...

I didn't get that many pictures of Comet, because he's about 13 years old, and he doesn't do much besides kick the kittens off of things and sleep. But there are the cats. I have a lovely 6-inch (I'm not exaggerating) scratch on my leg from Zulu, when my father startled him off of my lap by standing up...seriously, just Zulu alone could have his own reality show. I've never met a cat like him...