If you get the food holders that can be hung on the side of the cage you can put them anywhere. Put perches where she can perch and won't be over her food or water. Put the food and water about half way up on the side. Put your perches a little lower toward the bottom half and put a mirror on the side of the cage right where the perch is. Hang the toys near the other perches but not over the food. You also don't have to put all the toys in at once. Save some and rotate them into the cage to give her something new to play with. You can also put some of the perches on the outside if they are the screw on type. You can hang a toy on the outside near that perch for something to play with when she is on the outside of the cage.
Try to leave the center of the cage free of any hanging stuff so she can fly from perch to perch and to her food and water. This will give her flight room to exercise her wings and she will love it.

Cookie and Sweetie