Yup she's in but I noticed her having a hard time moving through it. I took a few toys out, but it still seems way too overcrowded at the top of the cage.

Okay so say this is her cage, and she's the 1, the toys are 2's and swings are 3's. Food/water is 4, cuttlebone is 5, perches are dashed lines.

/3 12\
|----\ |
| \---- |
|5----- |

I think that's the best way I could describe it, not really good at finding the right words. The top of her cage is so filled with stuff, and she's always just sitting on her top perch or swing, she has a hard time coming down for food because there's pretty much nothing at the bottom of the cage. How can I change the toys to be in the middle or at bottom? They have to be hung from the cage top so I don't really know how I can fix this problem

Edit: Uh okay it came out all deformed in the actual post, just imagine a huge cage with a small bird, all the toys and swings are on the top and she only stays at the top because of this, huge cage, and only one swing and one perch are being used. She won't even go to the perch with the cuttlebone because it's a stick, and she's only ever had straight perches.

Any cage help ideas?:)

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