When Emily was in her smaller cage I used to carry her around the house with me, when we were still bonding. It wasn't a problem. The more time they spend with you the better.

I put a towel out on the floor with some toys and we have a play session. They will make up their own games, don't worry.

Just keep working on step 1 until your bird doesn't get upset when you put your hand in the cage. How long it takes depends on the bird and how much time you put into it.

Patience is the key!!!! Reward good behavior and IGNORE negative behavior...no matter how much it hurts!!!!

Put the new food, chopped into keeter sized pieces, in a dish and sprinkle some millet on it. Remove after a few hours. Then try again. Eventually they will accidentally try some. But they have to watch it for awhile. Be careful with apples or anything with seeds...fruit near the seeds is toxic to birds. Remember they only weigh 1 ounce...they are not going to eat an entire slice of apple.

I have the feeling from reading your posts you are anxious and trying to rush the process. Take your cues from your bird. If they are not ready to get on your finger than just sit and talk to them. I used to read the paper, textbooks, tell them your thoughts on world events, whatever. Just take it slow.

Hope this helps! Keep us posted.......


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