I'm getting a new bigger cage this weekend, and I just read through the entire hand training pages so I'll wait for a new bird until she's trained, I just have some final questions:

Do parakeets freak out when I move their cage? I usually move their cage to the computer room when I go on so I can play music from there, and she does chirp to it.

When she is fully tamed, how do I play with her? Do I just let her be around me when I do stuff?

I have been changing her food/water for over 3 years, and she still freaks out when I put my hand close to her (step 1), and she gets cautious every time I change the food/water. What can I do to stop this? (Along with the soothing music although I doubt it would do anything with her)

When she is tamed, how can I get her to eat different food? Every time I bring an apple, lettuce, carrots or anything else she goes to the back of her cage and tries to stay away from it.

How long will fully taming her take?

Thanks smile