If I get a new male parakeet who is hand trained, and isn't afraid to get on a finger or a trap with water to take a bath, would it be easier to train my female parakeet? I've had her for over 3 years now, and she still is scared of me, so if I try to hand train her now, is it too late? She's also terrified of water that isn't in her container, so I don't know how to give her a bath either.

Also, if anyone has some great cage setup suggestions, I would really really appreciate it :), I know those toys that can become choking hazards or have holes in them are bad, I have no idea about perches though.

Edit: I always leave the cage door open for my bird, so she eats, flies around, sites on the fan in my room, and comes back in the cage whenever she wants. If I start to try to hand train her now, should I not let her out? She knows the house and has flown in every room before, so I would feel bad if I just made her sit in the cage all day, especially if I get my second bird who probably will be in a separate cage.

Am I allowed to let the new bird fly around, or will it still be scared because it doesn't know the house yet?

Edit: Also, all these years I had only had two of the same type of perches (I think plastic), this time I'll get a large variation of perches, would she like that or is she already too used to the ones now? And I should move all the current toys and perches in her cage to the new one so it will be familiar to her right?

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