We i believe are all pet bird owners here so to speak..i dont think anyone here would claim to be a expert...These are our little friends. Any bird needs lots of time to get use to everything..and paying attention to them helps to put them at ease but, by paying attention to them i mean just for several days being close to cage and talking to them without rushing them into anything..and not sudden quick moves to frighten them, or letting the new bird out right away. If these pets will be urs it might help if you earn some money to help to pay for their care, toys, cage, vets, foods, and all that comes with owning a pet. If you get a second bird, u first... MUST/SHOULD quaranteen it from your other bird so just in case the new one is sick it wont infect the older bird, u should quaranteen for a month..keep them separate NOT together... That would give u time to save some or earn some money also for the other little things so that if u decide to put them together in a new larger cage when ur done with quaranteen u will be able to help pay your parents back..They are not being cheap all this comes with several dollars of expenses. A similar smaller cage at first to keep them separate will you quaranteen for a month and then show your mom u have good intentions of helping to pay for all this..during that time you should REALLY REALLY show responsibility and EARN AS MUCH AS YOU CAN..to pay for a bigger cage for them both...to introduce them to the new larger cage together at the same time where one wont become bossy it will be new turf for each of them. Also ask around maybe someone has a small cage for now to quaranteen the new bird in. And if you check the prices of big cages i think you will see MOM ISNT BEING CHEAP cuz cages dont come cheap...GOOD LUCK