I got my first parakeet in late 2006, and my second one in early 2007. The cage was small, I put the second one in the first cage as soon as I got it, and my second bird recently died last week. Since then I've been looking up parakeet stuff and wow I had no idea they needed so much, I'm getting a really big cage next weekend, with lots of toys and extra food, my first bird still never goes on my finger and I doubt I'd ever get her trust now.

I just need help on some questions:

1- She's been living in that cage for over 3 years, I assume she'd be happy to move to nicer, bigger cage as soon as I get it, but I don't know if she'll understand that's going to be her new house now, or if she'd want to move

2- I'm getting a second parakeet to keep her company, and this time they'll have lots of space and won't fight, my mom's being cheap and said I can only get the big cage + toys. Should I keep the first keet in it's original cage and the second one in the new bigger cage first? I don't know how my first keet would like that, and I always just leave the cage doors open so they can fly around the room, will my first parakeet try to go to the bigger cage?

I'm going to try to get two cages, a same size one as the one I have now for the new bird, then when they have gotten to know each other, put them in the bigger cage.

3- I hope to get an already hand trained bird, if I get one and it stands on my finger, isn't scared to take baths, and play around people, will my first keet eventually learn to do all these on herself if I play with the new bird in front of her?

I try to play with her, but she always runs from my hand / flies away

I'm going to get a big cage with horizontal bars, I just need help on toys, and I'll be getting a cuttlebone, and I don't know how to make them understand what it's for. I'll be getting two different water/food plates for each too.

If you're a parakeet expert answer these please, I don't want to be a pet bird owner, I just never knew about all this when I first got my bird