Sorry about the delay, PDM. I had dinner, clean-up, & an e-card to get out to a great-nephew.

Yes, I understand about the actions not always being seen. I kind of think it is good for the whole board to see it, though. Not as punishment nor ridicule for the person spoken to, but as instruction for everyone. I have seen you say something like this: "I read what you said, and it was not very kind."

I think that sort of comment is good. It asks for more responsibility toward courtesy.

As for some people being more sensitive, I know this is true. I think there is a trade-off, though. I think these are the ones who are most likely to be the supporters for people who have problems, whose pets have died, or ....

You know, I'm about over all of this.

In that romance thread where I answered the person "seriously," I still stand behind what I said. It matters not whether the kids laughed over me (people taking the thread seriously). Fear & hate are things that need to be talked down, IMO.

But as to what happened, I guess it's all history now.

As for notify, actually the only times I've done that was when someone else was involved. When I've had my feelings hurt, I try to speak as openly as I can, but I admit that I can get a bit sarcastic and/or hostile if I feel attacked. In my defense, I usually apologize to the board as it settles down - even if I think that nobody understood my points.

Anyway, thanks for the reply, PDM. I have tried to pick areas that would be less "debate" oriented. But it has seemed to me that this last year has been more caustic even in the "gentler" areas of the forum. But maybe I'm the only person who thinks that.

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