I know that you simply cannot read every post, let alone every thread, PDM. What I meant was that it has seemed like you don't notice even in threads that have been discussed by you.

Recently I noticed references that you and Lisa have talked, and acted, privately. This I had not thought of to a certain extent.

That is, I know that people complained and you discussed, but I had not considered that you may have been talking to people about discourtesy all along. I did see some instances where an edit was done by you on a post - sometimes a phrase or word, and so I assumed that you would have taken action in similar fashion, with like a gentle warning, "Be nicer, please" or "Reword for courtesy, please."

I think where I began to get that idea was in some of the cases where I felt hurt and you cautioned me that the rules say that I'm NOT to take things personally, and if fact you saw nothing that would suggest someone meant to hurt my feelings.

It only takes two or three of these before one begins to see that either I have no idea what courtesy means, or I take things way too seriously, or I'm too defensive and irritable, or you're more used to "discussion" language than I am. And I admit it could well be the latter. I guess what I look for in a board might not be at all what one would expect to find here.

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