PDM, when I first came to this board, a friend - who had been on that other board I said had been torn apart by controversy - praised this board because of the good administration and because people could talk things out.

I agree with her that this has been a good board. Better than a lot of them.

Where I have disagreed with you has been over a question of what constitutes discourtesy. I understand that the rules call for no "bad" language. But people can and do make harsh remarks.

I understand that the responsible member will moderate his tone, or refrain from posting. But often, the comments begin to heat up, and comments are made. Now, I realize that the last commenters are going against the rules, but maybe the first ones were also breaking the spirit of the rules.

But maybe there IS no spirit of the rules here. And that is what bothers me about the board, PDM & Lisa.

I don't know too much about what got discussed by the complaining members and the admin team. But I find myself wishing I could hear more of their side.

But back to me: I have not called anyone a troll. I have noticed troll behavior. And I apologize that I am "feeding" the behavior now.

Marge is the love of my life.