Lisa, I am so sorry to hear about Pinto. I have been away for quite a while and have obviously missed a lot. What I do want to say to you is, have heart. Nothing is every perfect nor should it be. How boring perfection would be. There would be nothing to strive for or look forward to. There would be no higher ground to achieve. It would be like an old veteran sitting in a room full of recruits. Nothing to talk about. No common ground to share. No way to connect except in the all pervasive all consuming knowledge that you have nothing in common with eachother, other than the fact that you all wear a uniform. There are still a lot of wonderful caring people who will find a way to make a difference and stay to do so. I love the new look of the forum and I wish I could come on more often. PDM knows why I have been away. I hope you never give up on this forum. I know it is a work of love.

Cookie and Sweetie