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The "younger" member (even if only a member long enough to make one or two posts) can say whatever he or she wants, and only amused shrugs will result. But the "older" members cannot call a troll a troll.

Carl, maybe you missed my earlier post, where I said:

"If we want to use the sporting metaphor, the 'trolls' were banned. They were ejected from the game and kicked out of the league. You cannot get any more "final" than that. But you are implying that the people who stomped their boots on the trolls' heads after a hip-check should not have gotten yellow flags. I would reiterate that as a fair-minded referee I cannot allow "special members" to get away with being extremely nasty because they have somehow "earned that right" to do it to "people they felt deserved it"."

Being banned from the game forever is not "amused shrugs". I am not sure why you are saying that they got off lightly, given the evidence?

On the other hand, I feel that experienced members should not be abusive to anyone. They - out of anybody here - should know better what our rules are.

It almost seems that you are saying in your post that old time members have "earned" the right to act like trolls towards people they choose to be nasty to. I disagree with all my heart. Is that really the heart of the complaint?

Lisa Shea, Owner