aaaah. i hadn't got into that side of the iron front onslaught. from where i was there was this annoying little iron front dude who just wouldn't go away. i'd pretty much missed the 'attack' and the discussions that followed it, and was warned by another member about a potential security risk. that was what i thought was a tad hysterical.

i would be the last one to deny anyone the right to call a spade a spade, or call a troll a troll. in fact, i'm often frustrated at how restrained i have to be here.

as for preferential treatment - i don't really see people clamouring for it as such, but why not - you have to earn the respect wherever you go, and i certainly don't take poster too seriously until i feel i have a reason to do so.

i can see why you've got a beef with a situation, but maybe it would bother you a bit less if you didn't underestimate how valued your presence here is. smile

It's All got to go!!!

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