No, Jan. IMO, it's not a matter of paranoia or hysterics, but a matter of principle. On the one hand, we are told that "older" members are expecting preferential treatment. And that the "younger" members are just playing a joke, so we should just look over that. But it's not really a matter of whether the "younger" members were or were not trolls.

What it is about, IMO, is whether it really matters how responsible you are in your posting (except to yourself and your own sense of ethics). The "younger" member (even if only a member long enough to make one or two posts) can say whatever he or she wants, and only amused shrugs will result. But the "older" members cannot call a troll a troll.

After all, IMO, troll... er, excuse me, I mean "younger person" registrations and postings help the total numbers of the board, which helps with financial matters, you know?

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