I believe you know, Lisa, that I have expressed gratitude to, and admiration for, you and PDM.

And I do understand the investment in time and money, as well as how that shows your affection, care, and respect.

Posting each week that you "love and respect" us would only be effective if you show that this is indeed so.

In the ways that you state, it is true that you do walk the walk.

However, there is a fine point that you may not be aware of (and I could be dead wrong in how I think).

Before a friend invited me to come to this Forum (and she praised PDM's and your admin and direction), I had spent two or three years on a board that offered support for a group of medical disorders. It was primarily an information board, but it also had forums for members and different ages, and for families of people with the disorders.

The over-all board was owned as a non-profit organization. And the admin of the forum provided the forum used. A moderator with limited power was also used. To get to the point, the attitude of this board was always that the discussion forums were provided for the members, and we should be grateful.

A group of trolls had the entire forum at one another's throats.

People left because the admins supported the trolls, and disrespected the long-time members.

And the ownership of the non-profit organization and the admin never really got it, IMO. There was a very special group of people involved in that forum, IMO.

And I think there has been a very special group going here, also, Lisa.

I think that the life and heart of a board can be partly by the direction of how it is set up, and by the rules, and by the admin, but it is also about who are the members and how they treat one another. And in some really, really special boards, there are some really special individuals.

I thought when I first arrived, and I still think, that the mix here was pure magic! I am concerned that this is changing, as some of those really special individuals are leaving and not because they want their freedom, but because they think they're not wanted.

That's about all I can say.

You gotta have heart. It's about soul.

Marge is the love of my life.