I do appreciate your ideas and will give them thought.

To clarify - it is not that these members left without me talking with them. I spent a solid day talking with individual forum members, listening to their ideas, corresponding with them. I put in a serious investment of my time to try to help resolve the issue. If at some point a person says "I am done talking, I want to leave" then I believe the respectful thing to do is say "I respect your decision".

I would hope that I am more a "walk the walk" person than just a "talk the talk". I invest literally hundreds of dollars a month into this forum, between server fees and forum fees and other costs I have to pay. Maintaining the servers and software takes quite a lot of my time. All of this is done for the benefit of all members, and I do not get a dime of reward for it. In most cases I do not even get a thank you from members. I only get scolded when things are not the way they want.

I invested a lot of time in one on one conversations with specific members who wanted to discuss issues. I would hope all of these items would show clearly how much affection and care I have for this forum and all of its members.

It would be easy for me to just come on and post every week "I love and respect you all" - but hopefully my hours of work and my large investment of my very scarce funds are more meaningful?

Lisa Shea, Owner