I'll try again. I am not saying that you should have delayed a deletion request. I do understand that one complained that more immediate action should be forthcoming.

What I'm saying is that when the talk began of trolls and banning trolls and the language that was used in talking about the issues in the topics/threads involved, as well as the issues of possible troll activity, and the issues of honoring the rules of the Forum - then a request in a topic to members considering leaving the Forum, to consider delaying that leaving (delaying the asking for their accounts to be deleted).

The request for members to consider a moratorium before leaving (or asking for their accounts to be deleted) would have more integrity, of course, if a pledge was given to attempt to solve the problems that have been raised here, IMO. I do not intend to get into a discussion of what they might be.

As for the ones who left being happy, I do not know. I just know that I miss them.

Marge is the love of my life.