I admit defeat. I cannot explain myself well enough. Nor does it really matter. It's all about what you believe in.

The tragedy is that many of the ones who have left also care very deeply about the keets and about animals of any sort.

And people from other sectons of the forum, who care about other issues, have also left.

I'm not saying that the new people don't have things they care about, nor that we should hate trolls.

The moratorium that I think you and/ore PDM might have requested when this last "flap" began would have been to delay asking to have an account deleted, or to suspend a deletion request that might be pending.

No, I most definitely did not mean a moratorium or suspension of the rules to delaty banning inappropriate repeated posters.

I guess what I was hoping was that you really cared about, if not liked, some of the long-time members.

I know I do, and I don't even have keets.

Marge is the love of my life.