Carl - again, when I delayed even 12 hours on removing someone's account, they got very upset. I do not believe that "refusing to delete their account" would have been a healthy way to respect their request.

Everyone who chooses to leave is welcome to return, as always! It has happened many times in the past that someone has left when they were upset, and then came back a few weeks later and once again was an active member of the forum. It is completely up to the user.

When someone wrote to ask for their information to be removed, my response was never "oh well". It was always "I respect your opinion, and I wish you the very best."

Again, these members explicitly asked for their accounts to be deleted. One specifically said she did not want her information in the system at *all* in case hackers hit the forum and could see it. I am not sure you really mean I should have refused to follow her wishes?

Lisa Shea, Owner