Fulfilling a request to have an account deleted is not what I was talking about. Even there, however, I think greater ultimate respect could be given to a "cool-down" period, where a person could reactivate an account that had been put on a phase-out stage. Say 30 days?

I know people can get heated, and they can get disgusted. And sure, they may come back and start over. But it's not the same.

But what I was talking about was the attitude that "they" made the decision to leave. "Oh, well."

Well, IMO the seeds of the distrust have been going on for some time now. I think that announcing a period of time where reassessment and healing can take place would be wonderful.

I wish you'd offer reinstatement to members who decide to come back (who voluntarily left).

Also, I think there are several who have suggested that members truly want to help. I understand the legalities that you explained, Lisa [edited to change the name I typed from habit]. Yet, you could have volunteers that you approve, plus some you appoint (if they accept), to discuss the feelings and issues and misunderstandings in a private forum.

Maybe the outcome would be a better forum.

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