Carl -

People can choose to leave the forums; that is quite different from feeling they are "expendable". No forum member is thought to be expendable - all forum members are treated with respect and are deserving of that respect. If someone chooses to leave, we wish them well and do as they wish. To do otherwise would be disrespectful.

Are you saying, if someone asks to to have their account removed, that I should not do it? In fact one of the members asked to leave, and then kept posting. I thought this meant she wanted to stay so I left the account alone. She then got upset that I had let her keep posting vs removing her account. So if I do *not* immediately remove an account, I am yelled at.

So it seems the most respectful thing, when someone asks to leave, is to fulfill their request politely and quickly. I do not feel that is cold - that is being professional.

Would you agree?

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