I would ask the question in reverse, Lisa: Should members who have posted for several months and shown themselves to be supportive of others and of the rules be considered expendable? Where is their respect?

I have seen others leave since I've been a member here. I won't go into detail about why they left, but I will say that they meant a great deal more to me than just an attitude of *oh well, that's their decisions.*

Yes, members come and go. And each member is unique. But some are more willing to share themselves than others. IMO, they are the ones more apt to be treated coldly and the implication given that the board is more important than them.

IMO, the success of the board has been more because of some of our members and their caring ways than the forum's ownership and administrative team may realize.

No disrespect is intended to anyone. I do feel sorrow, however.

Marge is the love of my life.