Lisa, the damage has already been done --several people saw your post, most of which was fabricated by you. I never at any point claimed I was "special" or "didn't care about rules", and you know that. I don't appreciate being painted as a self-absorbed jerk, when in fact I spent many, many hours simply trying to persuade you to be a bit flexible with your rules for the benefit of many, many members.

I cannot begin to imagine why you would lie and put such a spin on my words. I would have thought that was below you, but apparently not. Here is one of my posts, directly cut and pasted from the original, as you, PDM, and person XXXXX know:

"Your policy of openness isn't what's upsetting, it's the policy of treating trolls with the same respect as the regular members. Further, you used a tool which XXXXX provided in a way which did not further the interests of this forum.

All posts are not equal, all members are not equal, particularly people you know for a fact are trolls, and all complainers are not equal. All posters should not be treated as though they are just as valuable as the members who contribute time and energy to help others. That is widely perceived as a slap in the face to those who frequently donate their knowledge to this forum.

If "all posters should be posting with maturity," how did you decide to let Poultry Lover stay on this forum?

Your belief that you have "treated all forum members... with a tone of respect" is incorrect. Your overall tone is one of "Who cares what members think? It's all about MY policies being enforced." Lisa, one has to earn respect, and one way to do that is to not dismiss the concerns of so many, many members who have appealed to you for a long time to try adapting or adjusting your policies. Another way is to make an effort to understand the feelings of people who have been made a mockery of on another forum. Perhaps it is time to rethink your ten year old policies?

Lord knows, PDM has suffered the brunt of conflict after conflict. You made it clear in an earlier post here, Lisa, that you would be content to come on here and work with the troll boys; they are apparently more important than people who've been on here for 1 or more years?"