Many "old timers" have and are leaving. I think it's a shame. Yes, in a way it has to do with the trolls but even more so I think it has to do with how the trolling was handled. It seems to me that the rude and obnoxious trolls ended up getting treated better than many long time helpful, contributing members.
The trolls pretty much got away with their repeated malicious, condescending, disruptive behavior because they "are JUST teenagers" and "don't know any better". Yeah right! NO ONE should get away with the things those kids were doing here. It's totally uncalled for. All in all they succeeded in their mission..to cause chaos and disruption for no reason at all.
and the regular forum members pretty much got chewed out for calling it as they saw it. And yes they may have called the trolls names, but none that they weren't deserving of.
As you can probably tell, I am pretty upset by all of this. It's not right. Most of the members who left were the backbone of this forum. I know that I gained soo much from them and others to come would have gained also.It's soo sad that they were treated so badly. They gave so much to this place and that is how they get treated?? Soon there will be no experienced keet owners left to help out newcomers here.