Originally Posted By: Lisa Shea
The few who were apparently enlisted to come "harass our members" will be asked to leave if their sole purpose of being here is to attempt to damage the forum's ability to be seen in libraries.
Their sole purpose here was clearly to disrupt the forum, in general, in addition to the unfortunate outcome of damaging the forum's ability to be seen in libraries.

Are you saying that these members are not being banned forthright? Frankly, Lisa, I think that you are not on here often enough to fully appreciate the issues when one or two people consistently disrupt, interrupt, harass, and offend thread after thread.

I sent you a PM months ago asking you to consider expanding the number of moderators, an idea for which there was a lot of support from many regular contributors to the forum. PDM does a spectacular job, but she is only one person, and we frequently have a great deal of damage done by trolls and troublemakers before she has a chance to stop them.

This forum is important to many people, people who feel appalled at recent events and feel that a more assertive approach is called for with the few members who make often make this forum a hostile, uncomfortable, unpleasant place.

Lastly, the recently-banned member is a 14 year old boy who was evidently on this forum morning, noon, and night; in all probability, he doesn't have any/many friends to recruit for tonight's "takeover" of the forum.