I have not posted in months. Sorry! The keets are doing well and wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween with lots of tricks, keets and tweets!

Louie, Basil, Edgar Allen Poe, Patches

Louie is getting plump which is nice. She grew a dark blue tail and still loves cheek scratches. She has now learned how to land of my hand when I call to her.

Basil has wings again and spends the days zooming about the house trying to miss the walls. (not always successful) He can shake and lift his wing for a tickle. Though he protests loudly.

Edgar currently has no tail. He dropped his entire tail one night. It makes him look a bit rounder. He had learned to give kisses which is way too cute. We still do Edgar ball.

Patches is a hopeless case. I love him/her dearly but sadly Patches will always be a bit wild. Thats okay because Edgar is bonded to him/her and is very happy.
That is all that is new with us. Hope you all are well.

Val and The crew.

RIP Peeps